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WP13H series truck engine

Product portfolio

Model Displacement
Number of valves per cylinder Rated power/speed
Maximum torque/speed
Min. fuel consumption on external characteristic curve
Technical route Application
WP13H480E62 12.9 4 353/1600 2400/900-1400 ≤182 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR Tractors
WP13H500E62 12.9 4 368/1600 2400/900-1400 ≤182 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR Tractors
WP13H530E62 12.9 4 390/1600 2500/900-1400 ≤182 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR Tractors
WP13H560E62 12.9 4 412/1600 2600/950-1400 ≤183 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR Tractors


highly reliable

  • B10 life, with overhaul up to 1,800,000km.
  • The high position of the engine block is cooled , and the upper part of the cylinder liner has an independent cooling cycle.
  • The cylinder head adopts Top-Down cooling to reduce the temperature of top land.
  • The moving parts are designed with high reliability structure.
  • Powerful

  • WP13H diesel engine with high torque at low speed and strong power.
  • Excellent performance

  • Integral cylinder head, 4 valves per cylinder.
  • Matching design of new type combustion chamber and intake and exhaust way.
  • high safty

  • Compression release brake.
  • Insulation protection for high temperature parts.
  • Excellent NVH performance

  • Oil pan and cylinder head cover are sealed with vibration isolation rubber.
  • With rear gear chamber.
  • Plastic oil pan and cylinder head cover.
  • Lightweight Design

  • Application of lightweight materials such as plastics and aluminum alloys.
  • Integrated Modular Design.
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance

  • Integrated oil cooling filter module, only replace the filter element.
  • Integrated fuel filter module, only replace the filter element.
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    R & D

    20000 +
    Global R & D personnel
    R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


    • 5,000,000 units
    • 22-10000Ps
    • 200 million kilowatts
    • Application for all markets