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WP14Q series truck engine

 Product portfolio

Mode Displacement
Number of valves per cylinder Rated power/speed
Maximum torque/speed
Min. fuel consumption on external characteristic curve
Technical route Application
WP14Q580E52 13.54 4 426/1800 2700/900-1400 ≤185 CR+SCR tractors
WP14Q610E52 13.54 4 448/1800 2750/900-1400 ≤185 CR+SCR tractors
WP14Q630E52 13.54 4 463/1800 2750/900-1400 ≤185 CR+SCR tractors
WP14Q580E62 13.54 4 426/1800 2700/900-1400 ≤185 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR tractors
WP14Q610E62 13.54 4 448/1800 2750/900-1400 ≤185 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR tractors

Product advantages

  • Emission requirements: comply with Euro Ⅴ& Euro Ⅵ emission standards.
  • Strong power: maximum torque of 2750Nm, with a maximum torque range starting from 900 rpm.
  • Economy: achieves the lowest fuel consumption rate of 171 g/kW·h.
  • Comfort: custom development for vehicle NVH, ensuring low noise and vibration levels.
  • Generality: designed with modularity in mind, maximizing parts compatibility and maintainability. Lightweight: GZ weight reduced to 999kg through the use of numerous cast aluminum and high-strength plastic components, resulting in lighter products with equivalent power.
  • Highly reliable

  • Adopt high reliability system solution to cover the adaptability verification of all working conditions, and create a reliability benchmark in the industry
  • The body, piston, bearing and other comprehensive improvements, B10 life of 1.8 million kilometers.
  • Economy

  • Positioning of the main line standard load tractor, for "all conditions" adaptive development.
  • The world's first commercial diesel engine platform product that breaks through 52.28% thermal efficiency.
  • Adopt high efficiency and low heat transfer combustion technology, air system coordination matching, high compression ratio and high explosive pressure combustor,
  • high precision injector, high charge airway design and other high thermal efficiency engine technology.
  • Minimum fuel consumption 171g/kW·h.
  • Powerful

  • Maximum torque 2750 N·m, maximum torque range down to 900rpm, low-speed power superior, through intelligent electronically controlled supercharging, precise supercharger speed control and other means, on the basis of large horsepower and large displacement, but also has a minimal plateau loss and faster response speed, whether steady or transient, power on call.
  • Lightweight Design

  • Modular design, integrated fuel filter, integrated machine cooling module.
  • Application of new materials, cast aluminum flywheel shell, high strength plastic oil pan, etc.
  • Excellent NVH performance

  • Sound insulation and shock absorption technology such as body strengthening design, cylinder head cover and plastic oil pan suspension design, further reduce vibration and noise, 2-3 dB(A) lower than the same level products.
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    R & D

    20000 +
    Global R & D personnel
    R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


    • 5,000,000 units
    • 22-10000Ps
    • 200 million kilowatts
    • Application for all markets