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Weichai WP6 series marine diesel engine (105-168kW)

Parameters Table

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, in-line, turbocharged/turbocharged and aftercooled Number of cylinders 6
Bore & stroke 105×130 (mm) Displacement 6.75 L
Oil consumption rate ≤0.2 g/kW·h Noise ≤98 dB(A)
Minimum fuel consumption rate 212 g/kW·h Idle speed 650±30 r/min
Torque reserve 20-35% Rotation
 (facing the flywheel)
Dimensions (L×W×H) / net weight 1360×890×1054 (mm) / 750 kg

Model Portfolio Table

Series Model Aspiration Rated power kW/Ps Speed
Fuel system Emission Power rating
WP6 WP6C140-23 TA 103/140 2300 Mechanical pump / P1
WP6C142-18 TA 105/142 1800 Mechanical pump / P1
WP6C156-21 TA 115/156 2100 Mechanical pump / P1
WP6C163-23 TA 120/163 2300 Mechanical pump / P1
WP6C150-15 TA 110/150 1500 Mechanical pump / P1
WP6C165-18 TA 122/165 1800 Mechanical pump / P1
WP6C185-21 TA 136/185 2100 Mechanical pump IMO Ⅱ P1
WP6C220-23 TA 162/220 2300 Mechanical pump IMO Ⅱ P1
WP6C250-23 TA 168/228 2230 Mechanical pump IMO Ⅱ P3

Remark: Product parameters and model portfolio are for reference only. Please contact relevant personnel for official information on delivery time and fishing boat model portfolio. 

Product description

Safe and reliable

  • The overhaul period of high-strength engine block, crankshaft, connecting rod and cylinder head is 12000h
  • The high-quality suppliers of Weichai system are used. It is developed according to the high requirements of large displacement engines for reliability
  • Rigorous and perfect test methods ensure the reliability of key parts and components
  • Replace the filter without stopping

Strong power

  • The torque reserve is as high as 20%-35%, the range of large torque section is wide, and the ships equipped with the engine will have good acceleration

Economical and fuel-efficient

  • Reasonable allocation of oil pump, turbocharger, air intake and exhaust system; low oil consumption under common working conditions; good economical nature
  • With shallow ω combustion chamber, the best cylinder clearance and swirl ratio, the fuel consumption rate is as low as 195g/kW•h
  • Customized design for lower fuel consumption

Comfortable and environmentally friendly

  • The NVH optimization for the whole engine effectively reduces vibration and noise
  • IMO II emission requirements are met

Strong practicability

  • LCD Internet instrument can be selected to monitor engine operating parameters in real time, so as to realize automatic alarm and stop
  • It is suitable for marine engines such as passenger ships, cargo ships, public service ships, fishing boats and tourist ships
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R & D

20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 5,000,000 units
  • 22-10000Ps
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Application for all markets