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Weichai WD10 series marine diesel engine (140-240kW)

Parameters Table

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, in-line, turbocharged/turbocharged and intercooled Number of cylinders 6
Cylinder Bore/stroke 126×130(mm) Displacement 9.726L
Oil consumption rate ≤0.6g/kW·h Noise ≤99dB(A)
Minimum fuel consumption rate 195g/kW·h Idle speed 600±50r/min
Torque reserve 20-35% Rotation direction of crankshaft
(facing the flywheel end)

Length × Width × Height/net weight

Turbocharged 1499×814×1164(mm) 1018kg
Turbocharged and intercooled, dry-type exhaust pipe 1447×960×1211(mm) 1056kg
Turbocharged and intercooled, water jacket exhaust pipe 1452×814×1418(mm) 1056kg

Model Portfolio Table

Series Model Air intake mode Rated power kW/Ps 

Speed r/min

Fuel feeding mode Emission level Power classification
WD10 WD10C190-15 Turbocharged and intercooled 140/190 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C200-21 Turbocharged 147/200 2100 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C218-15 Turbocharged and intercooled 160/218 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C240-15 Turbocharged and intercooled 176/240 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C240-18 Turbocharged and intercooled 176/240 1800 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C278-15 Turbocharged and intercooled 205/278 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C278-18 Turbocharged and intercooled 205/278 1800 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C278-21 Turbocharged and intercooled 205/278 2100 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C300-21 Turbocharged and intercooled 220/300 2100 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C312-18 Turbocharged and intercooled 230/312 1800 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
WD10C326-21 Turbocharged and intercooled 240/326 2100 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1

Remark: Product parameters and model portfolio are for reference only. Please contact relevant personnel for official information on delivery time and fishing boat model portfolio.

Product description

  Safe and reliable

  • The frame type main bearing structure; high rigidity; high safety performance index
  • The internal and external double-circulation water cooling method is adopted, and the water jacket exhaust pipe can be selected, so as to prolong the service life of the diesel engine, and the overhaul period is 20000h

  Strong power

  • Large power reserve; torque reserve reaches 20%-35%
  • The configuration of high-pressure oil pump, turbocharger, and fuel injector is optimized; the acceleration of ships is quick; the navigation speed is high

  Economical and fuel-efficient

  • The intake and fuel supply system is optimized, which broadens the economic operation range of the diesel engine
  • The fuel consumption is low under normal working conditions, and the minimum fuel consumption is 195g/kW•h 

  Comfortable and environmentally friendly

  • Strengthen the design of key components, so that the products are featured by small vibration and low noise
  • IMOⅡ ship emission standards are met

  Strong practicability

  • LCD Internet instrument can be selected to monitor the speed, water temperature, oil temperature and pressure of diesel engine in real time, so as to achieve timely automatic alarm and stop when the parameters exceed the limit values 
  • Stormy wave mode is added to ensure that the ship engine will not stop at critical moments such as stormy waves
  • There is a large amount of the products in the market, and the reserve of spare parts is sufficient, which make maintenance convenient
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R & D

20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 5,000,000 units
  • 22-10000Ps
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Application for all markets