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Weichai 170 series marine diesel engine (258-735kW)

Parameters Table

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, in-line, turbocharged and intercooled Number of cylinders 6/8
Cylinder Bore/stroke 170×200(mm) Displacement 27.24L/36.32L
Oil consumption rate ≤0.5g/kW·h Noise ≤105dB(A)
Minimum fuel consumption rate 197g/kW·h Idle speed 450-650r/min
Torque reserve 20-34% Rotation direction of crankshaft 
(facing the flywheel end)
Length × Width × Height/net weight
6cylinders 2463×1200×1650(mm) 3100kg
8cylinders 2650×1040×1818(mm) 3800kg

Model Portfolio Table

Series Model Air intake mode Rated power kW/Ps Speed 
Fuel feeding mode Emission level Power classification
X6170 X6170ZC350-1 Turbocharged and intercooled 258/350 1000 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC408-1 Turbocharged and intercooled 300/408 1000 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC450-1 Turbocharged and intercooled 330/450 1000 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC480-2 Turbocharged and intercooled 353/480 1200 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC540-2 Turbocharged and intercooled 397/540 1200 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC620-2 Turbocharged and intercooled 456/620 1200 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC650-2 Turbocharged and intercooled 478/650 1200 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC580-3 Turbocharged and intercooled 426/580 1350 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC680-3 Turbocharged and intercooled 500/680 1350 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC620-5 Turbocharged and intercooled 456/620 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC550-5 Turbocharged and intercooled 404/550 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC756-5 Turbocharged and intercooled 556/756 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
X6170ZC818-5 Turbocharged and intercooled 601/818 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
8170 8170ZC600-1 Turbocharged and intercooled 441/600 1000 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
8170ZC720-2 Turbocharged and intercooled 530/720 1200 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
8170ZC818-3 Turbocharged and intercooled 601/818 1350 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
8170ZC900-3 Turbocharged and intercooled 661/900 1350 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
8170ZC900-5 Turbocharged and intercooled 661/900 15000 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1
8170ZC1000-5 Turbocharged and intercooled 735/1000 1500 Mechanical pump IMOⅡ P1

Remark: Product parameters and model portfolio are for reference only. Please contact relevant personnel for official information on delivery time and fishing boat model portfolio.

Product description

  Safe and reliable

  • High strength engine block, crankshaft and connecting rod ensure that the overhaul period of diesel engine is not less than 20000h
  • The high-flow lubrication system with filtering before cooling and the high-efficiency cooling system are modularized and designed with one block and one head, which ensure the reliability of diesel engine parts and the convenience of use and maintenance

  Strong power

  • The shapes of high-pressure oil pump, turbocharger, injector, air valve and combustion chamber are reasonably and optimally matched, with wide power coverage and large torque reserve (more than 30%), which makes its power performance index rank at a leading position among similar products

  Economical and fuel-efficient

  • The engines are featured by four-valve technology, pulse conversion turbocharger, large intake air volume, sufficient combustion, wide economic operation range, and the lowest fuel consumption rate can reach 197g/kW•h

  Comfortable and environmentally friendly

  • The design of key components is strengthened, so that the vibration index of the products reaches Grade A of the 11 grades, and the noise index is 5dB lower than that of similar products, reaching the leading level of the world

  Strong practicability

  • The unique Yuanhangbao monitoring system can monitor the speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and other parameters of a diesel engine in real time. When the parameters of the diesel engine exceed the limit, it can automatically alarm and stop the engine, and the addition of stormy wave mode ensures that the ship engine will not stop at critical moments such as stormy wave
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R & D

20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 5,000,000 units
  • 22-10000Ps
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Application for all markets