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Notice on Convening the 11th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology


To fellow ICE science and technology workers,

Internal combustion engine (ICE) is the leading power for transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fishing vessels and national defense equipment, providing efficient power support for various fields. The reliability of ICE directly affects the performance and service life of the equipment, so improving the reliability of ICE is of great significance to the sustainable development of China's ICE industry and related industries. To this end, the State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability, in conjunction with China Internal Combustion Engine Society, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, International Technology Innovation Alliance for Internal Combustion Engine Reliability, National Internal Combustion Engine Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Shandong), and Shandong Internal Combustion Engine Society, plans to convene the 11th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology on August 12-13, 2022 in Jinan, Shandong. The Conference will invite domestic and foreign industry experts, scholars and other scientific and technological workers to discuss hot technical topics and difficulties around ICE reliability technology, and promote technological progress to lead the development of the industry. Notice of matters concerning this Conference is as follows:

I. Conference Arrangement 

1. August 11: Conference registration

2. August 12 morning: Opening ceremony and keynote report

3. August 12 afternoon: Theme reports

4. August 13: Sub-venue special reports (3 sub-venues)

5. August 14: Departure

II. Venue

Shandong Hotel

Address: 2-1 Maanshan Road, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong

III.Registration, Fees and Travel

1. Registration methods

Method 1: QR code registration. Scan the QR code below to enter the conference registration system.

Method 2: Follow the public account of "State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability" (search for “skler2015” on WeChat), and send "ICE Reliability" to get the link for registration.

2. Conference fees

RMB 1,500 for each person; free of charge for student representatives.

Please complete the conference registration (including the payment of the conference fee) before July 31, 2022, and request an invoice from the conference affairs team during on-site check-in. In case of special circumstances, the conference fee can be paid on-site after online registration.

3. Travel and accommodation

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and transportation expenses. At the same time, there will be no pick-up and drop-off service at stations.

To enjoy the negotiated price for staying at the conference hotel, please select the room type and quantity during registration. Room type is at your own choice, and the hotel is responsible for room allocation and accommodation fee collection. Participants can check in the hotel with the conference sign-in code (electronic ticket). Due to the limited number of some room types, please choose in time during registering.

Conference hotels:

Shandong Building: twin bed/single bed, 600 yuan/day, with breakfast

Nanjiao Hotel: single bed, 500 yuan/day, with breakfast

Nanjiao Hotel: twin bed, 480 yuan/day, with breakfast

Shungeng Mountain Villa: twin bed/single bed, 460 yuan/day, with breakfast

Shunde Building: twin bed/single bed, 380 yuan/day, with breakfast

IV. Contact Information of the Conference Affairs Team

Jiang Yuan: 0536-8197796, 15376696801

Yang Zhihao: 0536-2297920, 15207166339

Liu Lingyun: 0536-2298652, 18660606376


  State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability

  June 25, 2022


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