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Tan Xuguang: As a Major Project of High-end Equipment in Shandong Province, Linde Hydraulic Project Shall Be Promoted at Full Speed and Not Delayed by Anyone


  On the morning of April 10, 2022, Tan Xuguang went to Linde Hydraulic Industrial Park, Weichai Science and Technology Research Institute, Additive Innovation Center, New Product Test Center in Building F, 2L high-end engine technical transformation production line, Baudouin factory, Power Generation Company and other project sites to learn the progress of construction and technological transformation investment.

Weifang Linde Hydraulics needs investment increase

  At present, the production and sales of Linde hydraulic products have reached a record high, and the differentiated competitive advantages of the full range of hydraulic powertrain products are prominent. Tan Xuguang said that the Linde Hydraulics investment project is a major project of high-end equipment in Shandong Province and shall be delayed by no one. It is necessary to immediately start the hydraulic transmission industrial park project with an investment of 30 billion yuan, and to build the world's largest high-end hydraulic transmission manufacturing base.

Make more comfort for young employees

  When investigating Weichai's 2 billion Science and Technology Research Institute project, which is about to be put into use, Tan Xuguang said that the R&D building with 10,000 people should make more comfort for young technological workers. Buy them fitness equipment, put a sofa, and get them some coffee, so they could better dive into research.

Build the highest-level additive manufacturing center in China

  When investigating the project of the Additive Manufacturing Center, Tan Xuguang said that the time Weichai uses to build a scientific research platform changes from 10 years, to 5 years, and now to 3 years. Additive manufacturing of Weichai should be promoted at a world-class level.

The new test center in Building F will be unmanned

  At the construction site of the new Building F in the testing center, Tan Xuguang said that we will build a world-class testing center covering vehicles, engines, new energy equipment, electronic control and material testing, so as to realize rapid breakthrough and application of new products and new technologies in the future.

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