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Tan Xuguang: We Must Hold Up in the First Quarter


  At 10:30 a.m. on March 24, 2022, Tan Xuguang presided over the first-quarter operation meeting of management at all levels, emphasizing on cherishing the last week to make more efforts.

  Seize the opportunity of significant month-on-month increase in March and make every effort to sprint for a better first quarter. From January to February, heavy-duty trucks ushered in a cliff-like decline in the industry. The "epidemic" and "downturn" brought severe challenges. In March, the group's revenue is expected to increase by 50% month-on-month. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of a state-owned enterprise to maintain stability.

  The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the increasing downturn, and the severe epidemic are the strategic opportunity period for our internal business structure adjustment. First, we need to dig deep into short-board increments. Second, we need to step up with the synergy. Third, we need to improve our strategy.

  In-depth adjustment is to make product innovation fast, solid and strong. With consumption declining and product oversupply, and competitiveness is the first priority. The senior management must personally take command, supervise, and manage the major scientific research projects.

  Teams at all levels, especially the "key minority", must get down to actual work, and never try to play down the situation. Get down the high horse at the critical moment, don't hide behind, and face the battle with the “every weapon” you have.

  Tan Xuguang emphasized that we must conscientiously implement the latest requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the Provincial CPC Committee for epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely do not allow slacking down and over-optimistic relaxation.

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