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Filling the Market Gap in China, Weichai's Large-bore High-end Engine Rocks the Market Again


  In February 2022, the mobile integrated large-flow fire extinguishing unit equipped with Weichai 12M33 high-end engine was successfully trial-produced in Hubei, and its pumping flow reached 1 ton of water in 2.5 seconds. Weichai rocked the market again with the entry of the high-end market.

The first in the Chinese fire-fighting industry

  The mobile integrated large-flow fire extinguishing unit is first launched in China, and customers have very high requirements for power and reliability. This product is mainly used to put out fires in petrochemical storage tanks above 10,000 tons. The power comes from Weichai 12M33 high-end engine. When the fuel tank is full of fuel, and the supply of water and foam liquid is sufficient, it can guarantee continuous pumping of 400L water or foam mixture until the oil tank fire is completely extinguished.

  At the same time, the 12M33 high-end engine uses a special cooling system, which could overcome the heat wave of the fire, and provides reliable power. The engine uses an independently-developed ECU, which can meet the needs for remote start, stop, adjustment and control of the equipment, and guarantee the operator’s safety.

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