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Shandong Heavy Industry Group Holds Symposium on Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the Government Economic Work Conference


  On the morning of December 13, 2021, Shandong Heavy Industry held a symposium for the management team of the Group and subsidiaries to study the spirit of the government economic work conference. Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the Group presided over the meeting.

  In accordance with the government economic work conference, this meeting deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges from the changes of domestic and international economic situation in 2022 and reports from various business segments on the impact from those changes.

  Tan Xuguang said that in the face of the economic situation in 2022, the Group must unify the thoughts, make accurate predictions, grasp the direction, take effective measures, and highlight the four tasks.

  First, we must unswervingly adjust the product, market, and business structure.

  Second, we must unswervingly achieve the "six forefront" goals, that is, high-end power at the forefront, new energy power at the forefront, smart agriculture at the forefront, scientific research and innovation at the forefront, social value creation at the forefront, and high-quality and high-speed development at the forefront.

  Third, we should never allow our entity companies to suffer losses.

  Fourth, further deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, and blaze a new path for the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era.

  Management from the headquarters of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, the subsidiaries, and main business segments attended the meeting.

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