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Weichai Staff Strive for High Yield during Spring Festival


The market kept a good momentum at the beginning of 2021

During the Spring Festival, Weichai staff stuck to their posts to fight for high yield

They were enthusiastic about seizing market shares and completing orders

With a hardworking spirit

they made fruitful records in production

With their perseverance and efforts

they pooled great strength

to make a new strike within 100 days

Xue Bai, a post-85s guy behind a mask

is transforming his passion into the heat of the welding gun in his hands

He is concentrating on making the quality of cold iron plates reliable and consistent.

For more than 60 models of oil sumps that he has welded,

he can ensure that those products have no cracked surfaces, or pores and slags at the welds.

Every beautiful weld is reflecting the exquisite skills of the Weichai people

In the intelligent H platform engine production,

Zhang Xinguo and his colleagues need to install more than 40 kinds of high-pressure fuel pipes

Every day they have to work around machines,

which requires them to have quick actions and smart brains.

Through improvement and innovation, they realized 20% efficiency improvement and 100% error prevention

They enable their company to develop at a faster pace with their wisdom

This large M series engine is 2.1m tall

Under the large size lies its highly sophisticated engine body

Diversified and customized high-end manufacturing requires craftsmanship

Through the development of special courses, instructors' on-site teaching and diversified training, 

Post-90s workers Lian Jiming and Yang Xiaodong are growing up at a fast pace.

They are manufacturing the powerful weapon of a big country with their hot blood of youth.

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