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Tan Xuguang Puts forward "Three Requirements of Three” for PhDs in Weichai


  At 2 pm on August 5, Tan Xuguang hosted the Weichai Group's 2020 PhD symposium. Nearly a hundred of PhDs of all generations gathered together to share innovative achievements and actively offer advice and suggestions.

  PhDs are the pioneering force in corporate innovation, and Tan Xuguang put forward the "three requirements of three” for them:

  Practice the "Three Spirits": the spirit of science and technology, the spirit of cooperation, and the spirit of concentration.

  Achieve the "Three Transformations": transform from passive to active innovation, transform from demanding to adapting to ecology, and transform from closed to open innovation.

  Fulfill the "Three Targets": take advantage of the company platform to introduce one college friend of the same major, establish one core technology research topic every year, and lead one team to carry out technological innovation.

  In order to further stimulate the innovative vitality of the PhD team, Tan Xuguang put forward "three musts" to all management: must actively support PhDs in innovation, must make every effort to promote PhDs to enter no man's land of scientific research, and must become the "all-around care" type of management.

  At the meeting, 10 young PhDs from well-known universities such as Tsinghua University made speeches, regarding their respective professional fields, on innovation ecological construction, talent growth, and other topics.

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