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Weichai Hydrogen Industry Makes Another Step by Putting 40 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses into Jinan


  On the afternoon of November 24, the opening ceremony of the delivery and demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell buses in Jinan was held at the Tangye Public Transport Hub in Licheng District. 40 buses equipped with Weichai hydrogen fuel cells are ready to launch, injecting new power into Jinan's first effort to build a “green-powered hydrogen city”.

  The Weichai hydrogen fuel cell engines in these buses had successfully passed the verification of high and low temperature, reliability and durability. The maximum cruising range is more than 350km, reaching the industry-leading level. This is the result of Weichai undertaking national key R&D projects, as well as another major achievement in the old and new growth driver replacement in Shandong.

  The buses launched in Jinan is another major deployment of Weichai hydrogen fuel cell buses in Shandong Province after in Weifang, Liaocheng and Jining. Up to now, with the help of Weichai, Shandong Province has built 3 skid-mounted hydrogen refueling stations, 1 fixed hydrogen refueling station, 7 special operation lines, and put in more than 100 hydrogen fuel cell buses, making it one of the densest areas for hydrogen fueled bus lines in the world.

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