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Dialogue with Global "Big Shots" | Tan Xuguang’s "Ten Topics" about Future


  In the morning of October 19, approved by the State Council, the Qingdao Multimationals Summit jointly organized by China’s Ministry of Commerce and Shandong Province opened in Qingdao. Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Weichai Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, was invited to participate, sharing Chinese wisdom with the world's leading multinational entrepreneurs and highlighting the Chinese entrepreneurial style.

  In the same afternoon, Shandong Heavy Industry Group led the forum on “Globalization and Open Cooperation”, inviting Li Daokui, chief economist of New Development Bank, Volkmar Denner, Chairman of Bosch Group, Gordon Riske, KION Group CEO, Stefan Schaible, Roland Berger CEO, Helmut List, AVL CEO, Nils Heitzberg, SAP Senior Vice President, etc., to talk about economics and globalization,  international cooperation, and new scientific and technological revolution, etc. in depth.

  At the scene, Tan Xuguang's witty speech informed a lot of audiences.

  1.About the global economy

  Tan Xuguang: During my 22 years in office, I have experienced two world economic crises and many fluctuations in the Chinese economy. The external ecology of the enterprise is dynamic, and as long as you do your own thing, you will be successful.

  2. About the goal

  Tan Xuguang: We released the 2020-2030 strategy, which we will try to reach 100 billion US dollars in revenue by 2025. I think we can achieve it through hard work.

  3. About heavy truck business

  Tan Xuguang: Shandong Heavy Industry Group has Shaanxi Heavy Truck and China National Heavy Duty Truck. The two combined together rank third in the world. But we hope to become a world-class heavy truck company, which means it will not be a simple addition.

  4. About the future of diesel engine

  Tan Xuguang: It is impossible for the world to change into new energy overnight, but everyone must prepare technology reserve.

  5. About international cooperation

  Tan Xuguang: Respecting others will bring respect from others. I put the problem on the table for all collaborators, and we are always problem-oriented.

  6. About the future technology of commercial vehicles

  Tan Xuguang: Unmanned driving is impossible, but assisted driving is possible. In the near future, long-distance vehicle application will still be dominated by diesel engines, and short-distance application will be replaced by hybrid power. Fuel cells may be the ultimate route for future heavy commercial vehicles.

  7. About competition

  Tan Xuguang: It is impossible for any company to control technology compeletely. In the past few years, I have proposed the theory of "coop-tition". There must be competition and cooperation.

  8. About enterprise genes

  Tan Xuguang: To be the first or to be nothing at all. Our team is passionate about creating value for companies, employees, shareholders and society.

  9. About the Indian market

  Tan Xuguang: The leaders of China and India just met. These two adjacent countries are all populous countries, and cooperation is in more demand than competition. India is an important strategic market for us.

  10. About youth growth

  Tan Xuguang: Every industrial revolution will spawn a large number of outstanding young scientists. Young people must be able to withstand loneliness and create the technological achievements that society needs.

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