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Tan Xuguang: Service-oriented Manufacturing Methodology and Business Philosophy Innovation


On June 5, Weichai Group held the pep rally of “Work hard for first half of the year to fully realize the budget target”. Tan Xuguang proposed to fully seize the effective market, accelerate the transformation to service-oriented manufacturing company, stimulate the innovation vitality of all employees, and promote the progress of moving towards the world first class.

In the first five months of this year, Weichai engine business achieved stable development and laid a good foundation for achieving the annual budget target. Since 2016, Weichai market demand has continued to heat up. Tan Xuguang expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the hard-working frontline staff.

Tan Xuguang said that Weichai strives to build a world-class brand that stands up to the world, and must profoundly understand the service-oriented manufacturing methodology and accelerate the transformation to a service-oriented manufacturing company. Weichai must also accelerate the innovation of business philosophy, promote value evaluation, and stimulate T=the invigorating vitality of all the staff to make Weichai Power rush endlessly.



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