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Weichai Power Strikes Again | Chinese Example and Shandong Pride

  In the evening on December 15, the "2019 Powerful Chinese Brand Grand Ceremony" event organized by China CCTV was grandly held in Beijing. Weichai Power was honored as the "Top Ten Model Brands of 2019" and also the only company in Shandong that won this award.

  Chairman Tan Xuguang was invited to the stage to receive the award, and shared the high-tech hydraulic technology achievements of Weichai to the audience. With the large-scale commercialization of this achievement, the basic technical bottleneck of China's high-end agricultural equipment will be resolved in one fell swoop.

  The core technology leading edge makes the engine grow into a "Chinese heart". As stated in the award speech, over the years, Weichai has devoted all efforts to its main business, has been solidly engaged in innovation, has won the reputation of customers with reliable quality, and has created the "powerful manufacturting for the country."

  From the "China Quality Award", "National Science and Technology Progress Award" to "Top Ten Model Brands of the Year", as the leader of Shandong equipment manufacturing, Weichai has once again won the national glory for the people of Shandong. Standing on the new journey, Weichai continued to set off, and its strength shined the light of "Chinese brand".

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