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State-owned enterprises must reform and sticking to the old does not work, said General Secretary Xi Jinping during his recent visit to Shandong! Guided by General Secretary Xi's instruction, Weichai Power has conducted reform and innovation, looked at the world, gone global and focus on global quality resources.

On June 20, Weichai Power (Tokyo) Technology Innovation Center was established. Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Weichai Power and You Watanabe, Chairman of the Japan-China Automobile Exchange Association inaugurated the center.

Japan leads the world in the automobile industry, hybrid power and fuel cells. Establishing an innovation center in Japan is contributing to clean and low-carbon development at the forefront of world technology.

Weichai Power (Tokyo) Innovation Center will work with the centers in Chicago and Aschaffenburg to become important support platforms for Weichai Power's technology innovation system, promote the industrial upgrading and structuring of Weichai Power, and speed up the commercialization of its innovation achievements, in a bid to surpass its opponents and lead the industry.

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