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Tianjin University | Tan Xuguang: My Decade!


On June 11, Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Weichai Power, was invited to make a speech “What have I done this decade” at the Lecture Hall of Tianjin University to share the internationalization process of Weichai Power and how to become an excellent entrepreneur.

This is Tan Xuguang’s second speech at Tianjin University. The students after 1990s are excited with face-to-face communication and thinking collision with Tan Xuguang, and they are even more moved by Tan Xuguang's magnificent life experience and the process of building his dream-chasing his dream-fulfilling his dream.

In the past 10 years, Weichai Power has always concentrated on the principal business and has made even more brilliant achievements. In particular, Weichai Power's overseas business has achieved a historic breakthrough and completed the global strategic layout.

Going global must have a wise leader. Tan Xuguang has proposed the "internationalization" logic model and implemented “three milestones in Europe" and "two milestones in North America". At present, 100% of the overseas enterprises that are merged by Weichai Power have integrated successfully. This achievement is unique in the industry.

The success of an enterprise depends on the ability of the entrepreneur. As an excellent entrepreneur, Tan Xuguang gives the outstanding characteristics of Weichai Power: concentration and persistence, keen insight, crisis awareness, spirit of adventure, broad mind.

In the face of the students, Tan Xuguang shares his life values:

Only there is a dream in your heart can you succeed. Your dream is your biggest motivation. My life is constantly "making dream-chasing dream-fulfilling dream".

Money is earned, and does not grow on trees! The more you pay, the more you gain. The hard-won success will be cherished!

Weichai Power has the dream of 100 billion US dollars. Fulfilling Weichai 2020-2030 strategy is my biggest dream.



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