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Weichai supports SCO Qingdao Summit


Global attention was focused on Qingdao on the shore of the Yellow Sea. From June 9 to 10, the 18th SCO Qingdao Summit was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

International event, Chinese style. As a Chinese leading manufacturer, Weichai Power provided strong power support for the summit. 89 of the buses serving the summit are powered by Weichai engines. They provided transport service for domestic and foreign guests and reporters.

Reliable power supports SCO Summit

As an international conference drawing worldwide attention, the SCO Summit has high requirements for vehicles. Because of the outstanding quality, performance and services of Weichai engines, as well as the favorable brand image established by Weichai Power during supporting major domestic and international events, Weichai Power was designated to support the summit.

Weichai Power supports the NPC and CPPCC sessions

Weichai Power supports the APEC Summit 2017

Weichai Power roared in the previous NPC and CPPCC sessions, the BRICS Summit, the APEC Summit and other important international events.

Weichai Power supplied WP7 engine to the summit. This is the "key engine" of Weichai Power for buses. Over the decade, it has been trusted by bus customers for its safety, reliability, comfort and environmental friendliness.

WP7 bus engine featuring the advanced high-pressure common rail system is up to the Euro VI emission standards; it is superior in torque and has sufficient low-speed torque reserves; with an increased maximum torque of 1,300N.m, it has better acceleration performance and power performance; low-speed economic zone with small vibration and low noise, it offers a comfortable driving experience; with a B10 life of 1.8 million kilometers, it is more safe and reliable.

To effectively support the international conference at home, Weichai Power established a service group. Prior to the conference, it dispatched technical elitists to conduct all-round inspection earlier to eliminate faults and potential problems, and put parts in place earlier for unexpected needs. During the conference, it sent technical backbone to provide all-day service for the conference.

Leading the "core" era

As a leading enterprise in China's internal combustion engine industry, Weichai Power has played a vital role in the traditional bus power market. Whether in the China V era or in the China VI era, it has provided customers with desired power solutions through its traditional advantage such as safety, reliability, strong power, quietness and comfort, energy conservation and environmental friendliness.

Weichai Euro VI premium powertrain lands in Hong Kong

In March 2018, Weichai Euro VI powertrain was launched in Hong Kong. This is China's first fully own Euro VI powertrain system with an independent ECU. Up to world technical and quality standards, it is highly praised by Hong Kong's bus operators.

Weichai Power leads the "core" era. The successful launch of Weichai Euro VI powertrain in Hong Kong marks an important step of Weichai bus power towards the global high-end market and in the transformation of Chinese power from a follower into a leader.



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