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Experts from Around the World Gathered in Beijing to Decide the Future of Traditional Power.


On January 15, 2018, the “International Seminar on Transformation and Upgrading of Technology of Traditional Fuel Vehicles” was held in Beijing. Wan Gang, Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology presented the seminar and delivered speech. Tan Xuguang, Director of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and Board Chairman of WEICHAI, presided the meeting.

Domestic and foreign experts from BOSCH, DEUTZ, AVL, FEV, BALLARD, NISSAN, Tsinghua University, FAW and Society of Automotive Engineers of China carried out open discussions over the technological transformation and upgrading for traditional fuel vehicles.

On the seminar, four consensus are reached:

First, the traditional energy still remains major power of the world in the immediate future and the upgrading and transformation shall be accelerated.

Second, the new energy is irreversible trend of the world and the deployment and guidance in the regard shall be accelerated.

Third, the upgrading of traditional energy and the development of new energy shall be shared on a global basis for integrated innovation.

Fourth, the regular meeting shall be established for the international discussion on fuel energy and the associations shall better serve as platforms.



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