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Forty Years - Tan: What shall we left for the next generation?


Forty years, just one moment, and WEICHAI’s future belongs to the youth.


So, what shall we left for WEICHAI?

Experienced ups and downs and amid the rapid changes, Tan taught the youth with his care and wisdom:

Rationally treat relations between materials and spirits. Only by supplementing each other, can we push forward our career.

Establish your confidence in culture. This is our spirit established over the past 71 years.

Staying away vulgar interests and set bottom line for yourselves. It is more important to be respected than to have money.

Hand down our spirit of “Iron team with ambitious goals”.

Advocate the spirit of working harder day and night and create a booming innovative ecology.

Leave our youth with a Century-renowned WEICHAI and make them believe “Trying to be No. 1 or be abandoned”.

On December 18, 2017, Tan announced 2020-2030 strategy and provided the goal of USD100billion.

He said that he still has another dream and he hopes to hand it to the young generation when he completes half of it.

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