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Forty Years - Tan: Transparent in Work and Honest in Personality


The success of an enterprise can be attributed to its management team and its excellent leadership. According to Tan, the important prerequisite for the success is the leader. If the goal of the leader is not valued by his team, no common value will be established within the team.

Tan: Transparent in Work and Honest in Personality


He said that it is his faith to be transparent in work and honest in personality in order to be respected by the team.


From the “Establishing rule-based management system” that he promoted when he was elected General Manager in 1998, Tan provides new requirements for leaders at every critical moment of the development. This is a unique enterprise culture of WEICHAI.

So, Tan is strict with himself and takes the lead, finally building an outstanding team which is called “Iron Team with Ambitious Goal”.

Tan: Unable to Change My View of Cherishing Career More than My Life


Tan, though in his middle age, has been busy all the time. However, he feels that life is not always that strong. Sometimes, it is fragile.

But, he said that he could never change his mind of cherishing his career more than his life under any circumstances.

Tan: Cherish and Appreciate Your Family


Tan cherishes and appreciates his family. He said that a happy family offers me a successful career, I wish all WEICHAI staff a happy family.

In 1998, his 9-year-old daughter drew a picture for him when he was in his toughest times. That picture moved him to tears.

He said that he had never cried due to struggles and challenges. However, he would do so every time he is successful, and he would be moved to tears by his family.

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