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Forty Years - How Tan Win Respect from International Arena?


In international M&A, Tan had contested with many world famous financial investors and was highly appraised. He was called “Respectful Chinese Entrepreneur”. The main purpose of M&A by WEICHAI is to “supplement shortcomings and regulate structures” and to make our capital go global and introduce technology from foreign countries, thus accelerating the implementation of technology and realizing high quality development.


In 2008, sensitive Tan felt a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of going global when the financial storm struck the whole world.

Since 2009, Tan started global M&A. French Baudouin, Italian Ferretti and German Kion and Linde Hydraulics were all acquired in “trilogy” of M&A in Europe. Then, in the “Duet” M&A in North America, DEMATIC and PSI was incorporated into the family of WEICHAI.

WEICHAI is keen on exploring opportunities in the initiative of “One Road and One Belt” and has local manufacturing projects in Belarus and Russia.

On December 18, 2017, WEICHAI Group embraced its

historic moment. Tan announced that WEICHAI has completed its international deployment and realized the goal of RMB200billion.

That was his 4th peak.



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