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Forty Years - Tan’s Ten-year Struggle


In 1990s, Weifang Diesel Factory, the parent company of WEICHAI Import & Export Company, was about to bankrupt when Tan made consecutive achievements in overseas markets. In such chaos, 37-year-old Tan was pushed onto the historic stage and elected the youngest factory manager in the then machinery industry. Once again, he started from zero.


On June 19, 1998, Tan accepted the appointment in such difficult times.

To cope with the tough conditions, he provided three requirements: “Establishing rule-based management system”, reform of three systems and “Triangular System”. Afterwards, WEICHAI was revived and reappeared on markets. The SOE reform that is in heated debate has been completed by WEICHAI 20 years ago.

However, he has never been satisfied with “engine”. In 2004, WEICHAI Power successfully went public in HK, thus streamlining its channels towards internationalization of capital.

In 2005, he defeated all other competitors and acquired Torch with RMB1023.38million, which shocked the whole industry and made him renowned. He took innovative measures to promote WEICHAI Power to acquire Torch for returning to A-share market, and the “Power Train” that he has devoted to build was at least 10 years in advance of overseas competitors.

In 2005, a war of Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd. broke out between China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (CNHDT) and WEICHAI. In order to make red chip shares list on stock market, CNHDT delivered a report to government, suggesting divorce with WEICHAI. So, WEICHAI lost its largest client. But, it turned ever stronger and realized further development.

In 2009, WEICHAI established Shandong Heavy Industry and built it into a leading machinery manufacturer in Shandong Province. Tan saw his third peak time.

When recalling those years between 1998 to 2009, Tan would say that everything he did then will decide the fate the WEICHAI. His breathtaking stories won multiple applause.



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