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Forty Years - Tan in His Youth: My Dream of “Top Foreign Trade Salesman”


Ten years after China’s reform and opening up, WEICHAI started to emphasize on foreign trade. In 1987, Tan was appointed as a salesman in Foreign Trade Team. Again, he had to start from zero. In those ten years, he established his philosophy of “going global”.

[video:谭旭光:40年弹指一挥间(1987 - 1997)VA0]

In 1988, Tan suggested and finally had an independent negotiation cabinet of WEICHAI in Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair. That was their first independent booth. Their dream came true.

In 1991, Tan came up with an idea and suggested to delegate a team to Indonesia and established their first overseas service station. The volume of business there increased from 38 to 378, representing the first success of export by WEICHAI.

He was promoted by 3 levels in two years, just like a skyward rocket. On December 23, 1992, he was appointed General Manger of Shandong WEICHAI Import & Export Company when he was 30.

In a decade, the export and import trade volume of WEICHAI increased to USD60million from USD300,000, becoming an example of China’s machinery industry in terms of earning foreign exchange through exports.

That was his second peak time.


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