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Forty Years - Tan in His Youth: The First One Who Had a Try


He said that the young people shall be practical when they just start to work in order to accumulate knowledge and experience and lay solid foundation for future development.


On December 22, 1977, Tan Xuguang who was still no more than 17 years old entered into WEICHAI and started his career as a green hand.

Starting from an ordinary worker, Tan was appraised by his master due to his hard work and was chosen as Advanced Production Worker every year.

He participated the research project for the engine of tanks and started to have an in-depth understanding of engines from then on.

The 10-year Cultural Revolution forced him to abandon study. Therefore, he has a stronger desire for knowledge. In 1980s, he participated the programs for studying technology and general courses and completed his study in Enterprise Management Class of China Central Radio & TV University. He was a guest student at first, however, he graduated as a first-grade student with his first university diploma.

In 1982, when he acted as Secretary of Youth League for Technology, he organized his peers to find ways of earning profits and turned his league into a “RMB10,000 League”. So, he built a “Family of Youth” with diversified functions for all young league members. He was the first who had a try.

In 1986, WEICHAI Youth League for Technology was honored as “National Excellent Family of Youth” by Central Youth League.

That year, he was 25 and he embraced his first peak time.



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