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Chairman Tan Xuguang visits US customers: Weichai Baudouin engine performance exceeds customer expectations


On June 10, US local time, Chairman Tan Xuguang led the Weichai team to visit Hornblower, the largest shipping company in North America, and had in-depth exchanges with the company's management team and local dealerships.

Hornblower is the New York-based customer of Weichai's subsidiary Baudouin, a high-end engine manufacturer. Hornblower's businesses include urban ferry operations, andsince the city ferriesit operated have been equipped with Weichai Baudouin engines, the number of passengers delivered per day has exceeded twice the original design plan.

Vice President Cameron Clark said that the overall performance of city ferries with WeichaiBaudouin engines has far exceeded expectations, and he's satisfied with Weichai's response speed duringthe cooperation and has confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides.


Chairman Tan thanked the Hornblower team for the warm reception. He said that the North American market is an important strategic market for Weichai, and he's highly concerned about the cooperation between the two sides. The Weichai Baudouin engines in New York City ferriesare specifically developed for the North American market. He hoped that the two sides could work closely with each other in the future to consolidate the existing cooperation and further deepen exchanges to promote mutual development.

The two sides also exchanged views on the future development of the North American market.



Chairman Tan said that the business philosophy of Weichai is "We aim at customers'maximum satisfaction", which meant that all levels of Weichai teamswould listen to the views of customers, raise the response speed on commonly concerned issues, improve work efficiency, constantly open up markets, serve customers, and maintain the good name of the brand.

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