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Weichai Chairman Tan Xuguang visits PSI in the United States


On June 3, local time, Weichai Chairman Tan Xuguang listened to PSI's management strategy and related business work reports from the PSI management at Weichai North Americain Chicago.


At the meeting, responsible people from PSI company strategy, sales, procurement, manufacturing, human resources, finance and other department spresented operation reports. Since the strategic cooperation, the two teams work closely together to effectively enhance strategies and resources and make great progress for various fields of work.

Chairman Tan affirmed the achievements of both teams, and brought up new requirementsfor future work. He pointed out that the two sides should work closely together to build Weichai's external platform in North America, and achieve the effect of doubling the results.

On June 4, local time, Chairman Tan visitedthe PSI engineering center in Chicago, being accompanied bythe PSI R&D team.


At the engineering center, Chairman Tan listened to the PSI patented technology, detailed R&D department organizational structure, product portfolio,engine engineering design, advanced product development and other work carried out.

Subsequently, Chairman Tan held a symposium to discuss the issue of common concern and develop solutions on site. Chairman Tan pointed out that the two sides should achieve the efficient coordination of resources as soon as possible to makethe engineering and technical personnel from both sides to work closely and orderly to promote common product development.


Chairman Tan finally stressed that PSI's R&D personnel is a valuable resource for the company, and should give full play to the advantages of the platform and focus on the next 10-20 years of development. A number of industry technology frontier with global visions should be brought in to accelerate the development of the company.

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