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Weichai Chairman Tan Xuguang led the delegation to inspect Linde Hydraulicsand visit FEV


In the morning of May 30, 2017, local time, Chairman Tan Xuguang led the Weichai delegation to inspect Linde Hydraulics.


Chairman Tan visited the new Linde factory in Germany, did on-site investigation to understand the operation of the new plant, and listened to the reports of Linde's current production and operation, product development, market development, business collaboration and other aspects.


Subsequently, Chairman Tan Xuguang hosted the video conference for the excavator hydraulic system development global initiation, listened to the corresponding market strategy, excavator hydraulic system development projects, and related domestic and international support measures, and brought up hopes and requests for future work.


Local time In the afternoon of May 30, 2017, local time, Chairman Tan led the Weichai delegation to visit the FEV headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

The Weichai delegation first visited the Aachen University Laboratory and then visited FEV, wherethey were warmly welcomed by FEV CEO Stefan Pischinger and the executive team. Accompanied by the FEV executive team, Weichai delegation visited the FEV Test Center to gain insight into FEV's latest research.


The two sides held cordial and friendly talks to express full affirmation of the previous cooperation, and discussed how to further strengthen the technical exchanges and business cooperation in the future and jointly cope with the new situation of the global economy. The two sides said they will continue to strengthen cooperation on cutting-edge technology research, high-end product development and other areas to jointly promote the industry progress and development.

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