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Diesel engines for loaders




  High reliability, excellent economical efficiency, low vibration & noise and good adaptability

  Weichai Power is the general application engine manufacturer with world's advanced level, and is also the largest domestic power supplier for construction machinery. According to different requirements of different vehicles from the vehicle manufacturers and improve the product performance further, the engines adopt new high-level profile of Stage II. The power range is from 125Ps to 400Ps and is the ideal power for 3t - 9t loaders.

  1.Fuel-efficient technology

  (1)Low speed matching technology

  1)Low-speed diesel engine optimization - rated speed reduction and ultra-high torque output

  2)Torque converter optimization – bring out the best performance of the low-speed diesel

  3)Gearbox adjustment - vehicle running speed improvement

  4)Hydraulic system adjustment - loading efficiency improvement

  Advantages of low speed:

  1)Mechanical loss reduction and mechanical efficiency improvement

  2)Mechanical wear reduction and engine life extension

  3)Speed reduction and great engine noise reduction

  4)Reasonable power system matching and fuel consumption reduction

  (2)Landking II generation - Electromagnetic fan

  When the test ambient temperature is about 23℃, loaders using an electromagnetic fan has slight production efficiency increase compared to loaders without an electromagnetic fan. And the fuel consumption is also slightly lower, saving the fuel by 4.03% on average and by 4.69% for the highest. If the ambient temperature is further reduced, the fuel efficiency will be even higher.

  Difference between electromagnetic fan and ordinary fan

  1)Use electromagnetic fan in low temperature seasons will let the water temperature of engine rise rapidly

  2)Use electromagnetic fan in high temperature seasons will let the engine temperature briefly reach a high point but will leave no effect on engine temperature equilibrium

  2.Reliability technology

  (1)93 dust filter

  93 Dust filter features:

  1)Extend the maintenance cycle of the main filter element and reduce users’ operating costs.

  2)The coarse filtration efficiency can reach more than 93% under low flow when idling.

  3)The installation size will be able to remain consistent with the existing size.

  4)The exhaust ejector system is cancelled.

  5)Engine appearance is improved and failures are reduced.

  (2)Landking II generation – special fuel-water separator

  3.Comfort Technology

  (1)Frame support

  In order to meet the needs of vibration and noise reduction, improve the engine bracket stiffness, change the crankcase structure and use crankcase frame as support which means that engine support would be relocated from the gear chamber to the crankcase. Up to now, comparison test of the frame support structure and the original gear chamber structure has been completed, showing that the vibration isolation rate of the frame support structure’s mounting system has a substantial increase. The vibration intensity before and after isolation both significantly lowers. The engine body vibration and the cab seat floor are also significantly reduced.


  Reduce the noise by optimizing the internal structure of the damper. Up to now, the trial assembling and noise comparison test are completed. The test results are satisfying.

  (3)Oil pan

  The current oil pan is a sheet stamping part with low stiffness and low modal frequency. Optimize the structure of the oil pan, improve the stiffness, improve the modal frequency and suppress the radiated noise.

  1)Restraint modal of the bottom of the shallow head is improved by 51.7Hz, approximately 16.9%

  2)Restraint modal of the Bottom of the deep head is improved by 121.5Hz, approximately 24.6%

  (4)Non-isometric fan

  The non-isometric fan is a mature product with high applied volume. The non-isometric interval arrangement of the blade can change the frequency distribution of the noise energy, letting the noise shift from high frequency to low frequency. A-weighted sound pressure level comes down. The number of blades changes from six to five, which not only optimizes the blade geometry but also reduces the noise. Non-isometric fan has low power consumption and low noise, and also takes into account the need to optimize the cooling system.

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