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Diesel Engines for Rollers and Graders



  Using the research and development supporting platform by home and abroad, Weichai focuses on the operating conditions of rollers and graders to develop from reliability, economy, power and other aspects, successfully launched the second generation engines for rollers and graders.

  Engines for rollers WP4G, WP6G, WD10 and WD12 Series

  Engines for graders: WP6G and WP7G series

  Second-generation fuel-efficient technology for rollers

  1、Reliability technology

  (1)Highly reliable cooling and lubricating system

  1)High water inlet position structure

  Sufficiently cool the piston, cylinder liner and other high temperature components

  2)Oil cooler and filter integration design

  Reduce external pipes with a nice overview

  3)Tandem oil cooling structure

  Coolant will cool the oil first before going into the large circulation. Improve the oil cooling capacity and engine lubricating capability

  (2)Highly reliable gear train transmission system

  1)Automatic tensioning system for the front gear train. Easy maintenance, smooth transmission and high reliability

  2)Increase the number of ribbed belts so that the transmission power is high and belt slippage is prevented.

  (3)Highly reliable PTO structure

  1)Standard model is equipped with steering pump of high reliability

  2)Vibration pump connections has high load capacity

  2、Matching fuel-efficient powertrain technology

  (1)Establish powertrain simulation models according to rollers’ features

  (2)Collect road spectrums and get to know rollers’ normal working conditions

  (3)Perform simulation calculations for economical optimization

  (4)The vehicle fuel consumption comparison test shows that the fuel-saving rate is 9.4% after optimization

  (5)The vehicle fuel consumption comparison test shows that compared to a certain engine, the fuel-saving rate is 19.2% after optimization

  3、Power performance technology

  Special speed governor

  (1)Strong dynamic and high operating efficiency

  (2)High sensitivity, fast response to changes in load and less speed drop

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