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Diesel Engines for Agricultural Machinery



  Seven requirements for agricultural machinery

  1、 High reliability: Agricultural machinery mainly used for farming with seasonal working; transport operation should also be taken into account.

  2、Large torque back-up factor: Agricultural machinery often operates at high-loads working conditions and requires high torque back-up rate in order to overcome sudden load increase due to different soil hardness.

  3、Good environment adaptability: complicated environment of domestic agricultural areas, such as high temperature, high altitude, sand-dust environment and so on.

  4、Good fuel adaptability: Fuel quality cannot be guaranteed because of poor storage conditions and environmental impact.

  5、Low vibration and small noise: Long working hours and high labor intensity make drivers feel tired. Agricultural machinery is required to provide a certain comfort to reduce drivers’ fatigue.

  6、Good engine economy: Agricultural machinery achieves bigger gains.

  7、Fast and convenient service: Fast service and adequate spare parts supply.

  Six features

  1、  High reliability

  (1)93 dust filter

  Advantages of the 93 dust filter:

  1)Extend the maintenance cycle of the main filter element and reduce users’ operating costs.

  2)The coarse filtration efficiency can reach more than 93% when idling in low flow.

  3)The installation size will be able to remain consistent with existing size.

  4)The exhaust ejector system is cancelled.

  5)Engine appearance is improved and failures are reduced.

  (2)Excellent fuel filter system

  Fuel filter system eliminates water and impurities completely so as to reduce the fuel system failure dramatically.

  1)Fuel filter/water separator -- removes water in the fuel.

  2)Fuel pre-filter -- removes impurities in the fuel.

  3)Fuel fine filter -- ensures good fuel quality.

  2、Good dynamic

  Specialized power with T technology is developed according to the operating characteristics of the tractors, and has large torque in low-speed and good acceleration. High torque back-up rate adapted to different soil requirements. The tractor operation efficiency is improved.

  3、Favorable Economical Efficiency

  The performance optimization saves more fuel:The configuration of the air inlet system and the fuel system of the engine is optimized to explore the engine proficiency and reduce the fuel consumption.

  4、Low Vibration and low Noise

  (1)Specialized two-stage balancing mechanism reduces the vibration and noise of 4-cylinder engine.

  (2)High-flow water pump and low-speed fan decrease noise effectively, improve driving comfort and reduce driving fatigue.

  5、Good environment adaptability

  (1)The engine  has good adaptability to various environments such as high temperature, dusty and different soils and so on.

  (2)The engine has good start ability to start smoothly at -15℃ without any aid measures.

  (3)The engine has good adaptability in high-altitude, and the power loss doesn’t exceed 3% at 4000 meters.

  6、Wide service and spare parts network

  (1)Over 3000 contributing maintenance service centers with an after-sale service radius less than 50 kilometers.

  (2)Over 3500 accessory distribution points with an accessory service radius less than 50 kilometers.

  (3)Professional maintenance teams supported with 24-hour service.

  90 Weichai agencies stationed abroad to provide pre-sale and after-sale services for clients.

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