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Diesel engines for bulldozers



  Whole series of engines for bulldozers

  Bulldozers are mainly used for road construction and large-scale earthwork construction. They are especially suitable for medium and long distance construction material moving.

  During the operation, bulldozers often have to overcome the sudden increase in resistance, thus requiring a large engine torque back-up. Meanwhile, in order to improve operational efficiency, their low speed torque is usually higher than the normal engine.

  Using the research and development supporting platform both at home and abroad, Weichai focuses on bulldozers’ operating conditions to optimize the engine development and makes the optimum fuel consumption area coinciding with common working conditions. With fuel-efficient accessories such as fuel-efficient fan, Weichai launched the fuel-efficient engines for bulldozers.

  Introduction to the WD10 fuel-efficient power technology

  1.Power matching technology

  Adapt bulldozers’ frequent mutation load operating characteristics and optimize the fuel system.

  Power matching technology advantages:

  (1)High operating efficiency

  (2)Strong dynamic

  (3)Excellent fuel economy

  2.Reliability, adaptability technology

  (1)93 dust filter

  Advantages of 93 dust filter:

  1)Extend the maintenance cycle of the main filter element and reduce users’ operating costs.

  2)The coarse filtration efficiency can reach more than 93% under low flow when idling.

  3)The installation size will be able to remain consistent with the existing size.

  4)The exhaust ejector system is cancelled.

  5)Engine appearance is improved and failures are reduced.

  (2)Special fuel-water separator

  3.Comfort Technology


  Achieve noise reduction purposes by optimizing the internal structure of the silencer. Up to now, detail design and simulation calculation have been completed.

  Introduction to the WD12 fuel-efficient products

  1.Adaptive development makes them ideal upgrade power  for the 200Ps-320Ps bulldozer

  2.Structural commonality

  (1)Rugged three-point support

  (2)Special fuel-water separator

  (3)Two-stage lubricating oil pump

  (4)Multi-level complex dust filter and low-noise silencer

  3.High operating efficiency, strong dynamic and excellent fuel economy

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