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Engines for Concrete Mixers


With the continuous developmentof infrastructure and real estate construction and requirements for environmental protection, China's demand for concrete machinery is growing rapidly.Asan important link between the concrete mixing plant and the construction site, the concrete mixer undertakes an important transport task.

Due to the special purpose and characteristics of theconcrete mixer,the vehicle structure and engine performance have very special requirements.Therefore, it is necessary to do a specialized match and research on the concrete mixer.

 Concrete mixer operating conditions

1. The transport area is between the suburbs and the citywith complex traffic and relatively short transport distance.

2. Operating conditions can be divided into: Loading– Standard loading transport - Wait for unloading –Empty loading backhaul

3. Single-way standard loading andsingle-way empty loading.

4. Engines tend to run with small engine load and low speed.

Concrete mixer operating characteristics and requirements

1. Long idling time: the time to wait for loading and unloading takes more than 60% of the total running time.

Requirements: good idle speed performance (noise, vibration, fuel consumption, etc.)

2. Complex road conditions.Flat road, pathway, etc.

Requirements: Large low-speed torquethat could adapt to various complicated road conditions.Vehicle speedshould be under 60km/h.

3. Oncethe mixing stops, the concrete in the tank will be scrapped.

Requirements: particularly high reliability of the vehicle.

4. Fails need the shortest time for troubleshooting.

Requirements: timely service.

Concrete mixer development trends

Due to the requirements of operational efficiency and municipal restrictions, following trends gradually appeared:

1. Mixerused for municipal renovationtends to have small tonnage (9 squaresor less).

2. Mixer used on construction site tends to have large tonnage (9 squares or more).

WP13 Series China Ⅲ / Ⅳ 480PS-550PS

Number of cylinders6

Bore / Stroke (mm)127/165

Displacement (L)12.54

Rated speed (r / min)1900/2100

Fuel systemElectronically controlled high pressure common rail

PTO maximumoutput torque1000N·m

WP12 Series China Ⅲ / Ⅳ336PS-480PS

Number of cylinders6

Bore / Stroke (mm)126/155

Displacement (L)11.596

Rated speed (r / min)1900/2100

Fuel systemElectronically controlled high pressure common rail

PTO maximum output torque 1000 N·m

WP10 Series China Ⅲ / Ⅳ Common Rail 270PS-375PS

Number of cylinders6

Bore / Stroke (mm)126/130

Displacement (L)9.726

Rated speed (r / min)1900 (2200)

Fuel systemElectronically controlled high pressure common rail

PTO maximum output torque600 N · m

WP7 series China Ⅲ / Ⅳ  210PS-300PS

Number of cylinders6

Bore / Stroke (mm)108/130

Displacement (L) 7.5

Rated speed (r / min) 2300

Fuel SystemEGR

PTO maximum output torque 500 N · m

Configuration features of engines for concrete mixer

1. Dedicated data

According to the demand, fuel injection system, intake and exhaust system and electric control data were optimized and re-designed.

Low idle speed: 550rpm.Maximum torque is ≥ 700 N · m.

Low-speed area: 550-800rpm.Optimize fuel consumption and increase torque.

High-speed area: 1200-1800rpm.Optimize performance, reduce noise and vibration.

2. Electromagneticthermostatic fan

  • Effectively reduce the useless power consumption of the fan and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Engine heating up time is fast during the cold start, reducing the wearand prevent lubricating oil burning caused by insufficient heating up andinsufficient piston ring expansion.
  • Greatly reduce fan noise and engine vibration, improving driving comfort.
  • Quick respond and accurate temperature control.
  • Stable driving performance, high reliability and long life.

3. Special fuel-water separator

  • Fuel waxing problemin the high altitude area which resultsin difficultyof starting or flameout after starting is solved.
  • High failure rate of the gear caused by starter dragging the exhaust air during getting off the assembling line or during maintenance is solved.
  • Tedious manual oil pumpingwork to get the air out exhaust is now replaced.

4. WP multi-Power fuel-saving switch

  • WP multi-power fuel-saving switch can meet customers’ power requirements forempty load, medium load, overloading or any other road conditions and help changing driver's driving habits.
  • As concrete mixers have onlyoneway with load and no load when returning. The multi-power switchcan save the fuel consumption by 2.6 liters / 100 km on average.

Features of gas engines for concrete mixers

1.Higher reliability

  • Extreme environment test

    a. Low temperature test:Under the environmentof Harbin,ECUwas able to automatically correct ignition time, energy and gas supply under -35℃to ensure low temperature start-up performance.

    b. High temperature test: Whenthe temperature is45℃ in Turpan and the engine surface temperatures is up to105℃, the electronic control unit is still working properly.

    c. High altitude test: at an altitude of 4700mon Kunlun Mountain,the turbocharger is free of over-speeding or over-heating andthe power loss is only12%

  • Special piston
  • Moldedpipeline
  • Large-flow water pump
  • Focuson the reliability optimization outcome of the basic engine model

2. Enhance economical performance

  • Unique spoiler mixing technology
  • Large flow mixer
  • New air intake pipe design
  • Intelligent ignition coil
  • Special data matching

3. Power performance upgrade –low-speed high torque

  • New turbocharger with higher reliability and better low-speed performance
  • Low-speed torque is increased by 10%

4. Enhanced security

  •  High-grade fire retardant wirings
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