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Weichai CW200 Marine Diesel Engine Series (882-1760kW)


Product Profile

Weichai CW200 diesel engine series is the medium-speed engine with independent intellectual property rights designed and developed by Weichai on the basis of introduction of MAN20/27 diesel engine series. It is divided into in-line 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder and V-type 12 cylinder models. The series uses four-stroke, direct-injection, fresh water closed cycle, seawater open circulation cooling, turbocharging, and intercooling.

The CW200 series is mature in technology, featuring low fuel consumption, light weight, high reliability and low emission, and has been optimized for product design according to different market demands. It is suitable for all types of ships and power generation equipment.

Product parameters

Series 4-Stroke、water cooling、In-Line、pressurize、Medium cold Number of cylinders 6L/8L/12V/16V
Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 200×270mm Displacement 51/68/102/136L
Start Mode Gas start/Electric start Oil consumption 0.6g/kW·h
Idling 350±50r/min Noise ≤110dB(A)
Firing Order clockwise1-4-2-6-3-5、Rotate counterclockwise

Crankshaft rotation direction

(towards free end)

specific lub-oil consumption 195/kW.h Smoke intensity ≤1.0Rb
Emission standard IMO TIER II

Product Spectrum

Model Air intak Rated Power(kW/Ps) Speed(r/min)
XCW6200ZC-6 Supercharged and cold 518 720
CW6200ZC-7 Supercharged and cold 450 750
XCW6200ZC-5 Supercharged and cold 540 750
XCW6200ZC-51 Supercharged and cold 600 750
CW6200ZC-31 Supercharged and cold 480 800
CW6200ZC-32 Supercharged and cold 540 900
CW6200ZC-5 Supercharged and cold 540 900
XCW6200ZC-4 Supercharged and cold 648 900
CW6200ZC-28 Supercharged and cold 480 1000
CW6200ZC-39 Supercharged and cold 540 1000
CW6200ZC-37 Supercharged and cold 594 1000
XCW6200ZC-37 Supercharged and cold 600 1000
XCW6200ZC Supercharged and cold 647 1000
XCW6200ZC-1 Supercharged and cold 698 1000
XCW6200ZC-10 Supercharged and cold 720 1000
XCW6200ZC-2 Supercharged and cold 810 1000
XCW6200ZC-9 Supercharged and cold 828 1000
WHM6200C1200-1 Supercharged and cold 840 1000
WHM6200C1225-1 Supercharged and cold 882 1000
CW8200ZC-9 Supercharged and cold 900 900
CW8200ZC Supercharged and cold 720 1000
XCW8200ZC-4 Supercharged and cold 800 900
XCW8200ZC-12 Supercharged and cold 864 1000
XCW8200ZC Supercharged and cold 890 1000
XCW8200ZC-1 Supercharged and cold 928 1000
XCW8200ZC-10 Supercharged and cold 960 1000
XCW8200ZC-2 Supercharged and cold 1030 1000
CW12V200ZC-2 Supercharged and cold 1104 1000
CW12V200ZC Supercharged and cold 1080 900
XCW12V200ZC-4 Supercharged and cold 1200 1000
XCW12V200ZC Supercharged and cold 1296 900
XCW12V200ZC-1 Supercharged and cold 1392 1000
CW16V200ZC-6 Supercharged and cold 1440 1000
CW16V200ZC Supercharged and cold 1600 1000

Remarks: Product parameters and portfolio are for reference only. For fishing vessel engine portfolio, please contact relevant personnel for official information.

Product Features

  • High fuel applicability: excellent fuel applicability, operating with low-cost heavy fuel and mixed fuel, as well as bio-oil and gas (natural gas, biogas, coalbed methane).
  • Low emissions: The exhaust pulse turbocharger and optimized combustion chamber and fuel system meet IMO Tier II emissions requirements. 
  • Powerful: Optimal matching of high-pressure fuel pump, turbocharger, fuel injector and valve, bringing out wide power coverage and large torque reserve。
  • Economical and fuel-efficient: High-efficiency mixed-flow turbocharger improves charging efficiency and allows sufficient combustion. The minimum fuel consumption rate can reach 195g/kW.h.
  • High reliability: After 17 years of continuous improvement and optimization, a large number of mature technologies combined with high-quality materials and advanced process technology applications ensure the high reliability of CW200 series diesel engine, with a major overhaul period of 25,000 hours.
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R & D

20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 4,000,000 units
  • 25-10000Ps 
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Whole areas of application

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