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2016 Beijing Road Transport Exhibition: Weichai H platform engines make buses more reliable, safe and comfortable


Recently, at the 2016 Beijing Road Transport, Urban Bus and Spare Part Exhibition, Weichai Power unveiled six bus engines: WP2.1 and WP3 cutting-edge light engines, WP4.1NG and WP6NG natural gas engines, and WP7 and WP10H high-end diesel engines.

H platform high-end engines establish a new engine life standard for the industry!


The newly launched WP9H/WP10H high engines drew great attentions. As Weichai’s latest and internationally leading new generation of engines, their reliability and durability are the biggest selling points.

In the market of buses over 12 meters, Weichai has more than 30% of market share. The new WP9H/WP10H took three years of research. The emission level of the whole platform reaches Euro VI standard and covers the China V standard versions. The power range covers 310-375 hp, and the fuel efficiency is significant. The engines can be used in 10-12 meter buses, and will become a great weapon for Weichai to explore the bus market with its future growth.

Weichai natural gas engines: economic, environmental, and comfortable!


Out of all the natural gas engines Weichai showcased at the exhibition, WP4.1NG is another high-end engine based on Weichai Wisdom Platform. The engines are equipped with Weichai special cylinder head, pistons, Bosch electronic control system, and reliable high-energy ignition coils with high reliability, which would be suitable for 6-7-meter buses and passenger cars. At the same time, its full MAP torque is higher than competing products’. The maximum torque is raised to 450N.m, which is 7% higher compared with competing products. The lowest gas consumption is 195g/kw.h, which is much better than competing products. The economic zone lies in the range of 1000-2400 rpm, which is also broader than competing products’.

WP6NG uses Woodward’s latest and upgraded gas system to meet the China V standard. The low-speed power, acceleration, and initial response meet the power demand of vehicles. The optimized combustion and friction work greatly reduce the gas consumption of the engine.。The front-end gear train is of V-ribbed belt automatic tensioning structure. The whole engine’s NVH performance is optimized. The front-end has a double-alternator and AC arrangement to meet the different needs of users.

The unstoppable cutting-edge light engine!


Weichai’s 2-4 liter "Sharp Power" engines aim at the markets of 5-8 meter buses, passenger cars, school buses, large vans, coasters and light passenger cars.

Currently, the sales of “Sharp Power” are unstoppable in the market, not only winning the market, but also winning the reputation.

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