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POWER 2016 (Shanghai) witnesses Weichai Stage III gen-set engines’ steady stream of electricity of over 30,000 hours


At 2016 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of Power Equipment and Generators, Weichai showcased the WP2.1, WP4.1, WP6, WP10, WP13, 6M33, and 12M33 gen-set engines, and held a product promotion activity for its range of products to comprehensively display Weichai’s gen-set engine technology upgrade results.

Weichai gen-set engines fully meet the non-road Stage III standard, covering the gen-set power range of 12kW to 1,100kW.

Weichai gen-set engines are fully upgraded with a B10 life of 30,000 hours or more. Even in harsh conditions, the engine performance is still outstanding. At 40℃, the gen-set can output rated power. At 50℃, the gen-set can work reliably. The set can be stored at the 70℃ environment. At the same time, the set can start at -40℃ and be stored at the -50℃ environment. In high dust environments, Weichai specially developed desert air filter to perfectly cope with sand and dust. At an altitude of not more than 3,000m, the gen-set can output rated power. At an altitude of greater than 3,000m, the gen-set can still work reliably.

Based on millions of market holdings, Weichai develops gen-set engines that are reliable and durable. In addition, Weichai independently developed ECU WISE15 for gen-set engines and the portable maintenance tool Mastermind can ensure the no-worry use of the product.

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